• Crystal Academy envisages becoming one of the inspiring academic institutes in the country through laying a strong foundation of knowledge, professionalism and technical commitment to lead change within a culture of excellent teaching and learning.
  • We imagine a world where education inspires children to develop a strong sense of self and the courage to become innovative and empathetic leaders in a global competition.


  • To impart a broad and balanced education through National, International and Crystal’s curriculum,
  • To prepare competent global citizens together with enabling them to understand the distinct socio-cultural tradition and family values.
  • To enable the pupils to take responsibility for their prospects and their personal development, with an ability to anticipate and tackle the challenges of life in a constructive, creative and positive manner.
  • To prepare independent and entrepreneurial students having respect for self, family and community.
  • To keep alive each child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, to support balanced social and academic skill development, and to foster community minded, compassionate and intrinsically motivated students.

Our Beliefs

  • Each child is unique. All pupils are born with inherent capabilities. The ways, paces they learn are different with various preferred learning styles. We guide our pupils through the use of a variety of effective teaching-learning techniques.
  • As they have the different aptitude, they would take the same issue and themes with different approaches and achieve understanding via their own methods.
  • Children would have a better understanding through constant practice and application.
  • Education as a multidimensional process demands an active multi-professional and cooperative network.
  • All students are deserving to learn, achieve success and become a constructive and productive global citizen.
  • Shared out leadership and teamwork is a powerful tool for our organization.
  • Teachers’ quality and performance can be enhanced through regular training, monitoring and mentoring.
  • Parents’ visits to school accelerate the school improvement, so their visit is solicited.
  • Imparting the knowledge through innovation and discovery helps children to build confidence enabling them to become future leaders.
  • Diversity of language, culture, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic groups is well respected to enhance education in a diverse, inclusive setting.
  • Technologically rich, culturally diverse knowledge-based students are prepared to meet the demand of 21st century Global Knowledge Economy